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Who does not like to play with games and toys? The child lies in all of us. So we play and love to spend the time with the buddies. Games and the ritual of playing have changed a lot in the past few decades. Presently, parents have to think a lot before they buy any toy for their little ones.

The toys nowadays have to play a meaningful role in the lives of the kids. There are new kinds of gaming media in the present times as the computer games and the arcade games. For the kids of various age groups, there are many kinds of electronic toys.

While selecting the right kind of game, the parents and the guardians should keep in mind that the game must not impose any wrong ideas on the mind of the kids in the family. Many games have some violent outcomes and those things can affect the minds of the small children and torment them greatly. There are some electronic games that serve the purpose of gaming and entertainment.

There are some companies who sell some very attractive games. They are mostly either video games or the jigsaw puzzle type of games. The electronic games are mostly designed for the smarter city kids aged between five to twelve years. There are many kinds of electronic gadgets. Some of them are electronic baby camera and the electronic music system. There are electric guitars and the electric projector, that attract the bigger kids. The electronic cell phone is an attractive gadget that most kids love and adore.

There is an attractive thing that is a sounding hammer. This thing is a great fun. There are electronic video games and these are designed for the age group of seven to ten. There are electronic puzzles as well. The moment these toys have the facility of the electricity switch they acquire some very interesting habits and thus become very exciting. There is a drum kit player and a gaming console as well. The battle ship electronic toy game is another important game of big demand.

The dice games are designed for groups and family members to play together. This in fact, helps to create a better bonding among the parents and kids. Additionally, it helps the more active kids busy at home with their parents on vacations and picnics.

The strategy games are designed for the boys and the girls of a little higher age. These strategy games are also called arcade games and they put the player in the midst of a situation and the player has to escape the same with the help of sheer intelligence and strategy. The strategy game generally put the player in the middle of a battle field or amidst some crisis and the person has to run. These games are very much in the demand and there are some online sites who sell the same at cheap rates.

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Indoor games are a big form of entertainment for people of any age and they are loved by all. Most of the games require multiple players and are a great form of amusements when played with friends or family.

3d  puzzles

A game that is very popular and played by people of all ages is known as scrabble. This is a word puzzle that consists of fifteen by fifteen blocks and the players have to form words out of the selected alphabets that are present. The scrabble games are a great form of time pass and also help people to improve their vocabulary. The brain teasers are also a form of great excitement for the players. These games are similar to the work that is done by scientists. The scientists have to find the solution from the limited clues that they have. The brain teaser games like puzzles and riddles are also a great form of learning and brain development.

Kids love playing with toys and this aspect can be utilised in a proper way by making toys that have an educational value. There are certain types of toys that have this feature but now different types of toys are being made especially for this purpose. These educational toys help to improve a child’s intellect, help in physical development and developing varied types of skills. Games that are played with cards are very popular among the adults. Different types of playing cards are also available for the kids. One can play various types of sports with the cards; some of the most popular ones include the likes of poker, bridge, hearts, solitaire etc. The solitaire is also of different types and helps in improving a player’s concentration. Card games in general are not only a great form of entertainment but also aids in counting capability and improve memory.

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